Lockdown Pro : Password Protects Apps and Folders – Available For iOS 4 & 5 & 6 &7 and 8

Lockdown Pro : Password Protects Apps and Folders – Available For iOS 4 & 5 & 6 &7 and 8

Sometimes when you hand over your iPhone to a friend or family member to check out all the tweaks and customizations you have on your device, you may be thinking in the back of your head, “I hope they don’t go into (specific app here)”. Maybe it’s some embarrassing photos, or even financial information that they have no business knowing. Either way, with Lockdown Pro, you have the ability to lock them out of whatever you find necessary.

Lockdown Pro, developed by David M, has been around for awhile, but it recently got an update. I’ll walk you through the entire tweak, but be aware there is a ton of options and customizations that make this tweak well worth the $1.99 in Cydia.


  • After downloading and installing, go to your settings and you’ll find Lockdown Pro there. Tap on it to create a new password and safe word.  The safe word is how you can retrieve your password if you forget it.
  • Once you get into the settings, you have to the option to “Lock Apps & Folders”.  You just tap on it and it will populate all the applications on your device. Just tap on the specific app to lock it.
  • Once you’re done locking apps, you can always manage those locked apps in the “View Locked Apps & Folders”.  It gives you the option to unlock them all if you’d like to get a fresh start.
  • The next section below is where you can hide applications.  These apps will not be visible on the springboard and cannot be searched with by the spotlight.  Once it’s hidden you will either have to go into settings to launch that app, or you’ll have to use the activator gesture that you set to open the hidden app folder.
  • Moving down to “Other Settings” you have a few more options to choose from.
    • Lock Icon Placement: Disables the ability to move icons around
    • Lock App Deletion: Disables the ability to delete applications
    • Delay Lock: After you’ve unlocked an app, all other apps are now unlocked until the device is put to sleep.
    • Hide Notifications: If a locked app gets a notification, it will not be displayed in the notification center or as a banner or alert.
    • Lock All Folder Apps: If you lock or unlock an app in a folder, all apps in that folder will be locked or unlocked.
    • Launch Button: If this feature is enabled, once you correctly put in a passcode to an app, if will not automatically launch, you will have to hit the “Launch” button to open the app.
    • No Enter Button: Once you put in the correct passcode, the settings screen will automatically unlock, rather than having to type in the passcode and hitting the “Enter” button.
  • If you open “Custom Passwords” you can also set custom passwords to specific applications.  With my experience, it crashed every time I tried to use this specific feature so hopefully this will be addressed in an update.
  • And at the very bottom you have the option to change your password from a numeric password to an alphabetic one.

You can also quick lock/unlock applications by putting them in wiggle mode and tapping the lock in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

Here are the feature updates for this most recent version released today:

  • 256 bit encryption for privacy and security
  • Update UI
  • Updated Images and Animations
  • Added Activator item to open a mini launch hidden apps view
  • Notification banners from locked apps are now blocked (can disable in settings)
  • Added a reset all settings to defaults button
  • Core stability updates
  • Other features/improvements
  • Misc big fixes

If that’s a lot to read, check out the video walkthrough for a hands on experience:

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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