Call Recorder (2015) For iPhone : Record Phone Calls,Skype,FaceTime,Viber .. iOS6 to 8.1.2

Call Recorder (2015) For iPhone : Record Phone Calls,Skype,FaceTime,Viber .. iOS6 to 8.1.2


Call Recorder (iOS) : First iPhone Call Recorder Ever!

Price : $3.99 ( free in other sources )

Record regular phone calls directly on your iPhone.

Audio Recorder, the so anticipated tweak for iPhone , has come to prove it was possible!

With Audio Recorder, you can record the phone calls you need to listen to later, such as business calls, appointment arrangements, doctor notes etc and you can store them locally on your iPhone.
You can then play them, send them to your email or delete them.

The remote party hears a warning voice message that the call will be recorded at the beginning of your recording. (This cannot be disabled, since the other party’s consent is necessary by law in many countries and it will never be removed from this application, so please do not ask for the removal of this feature)

Audio Recorder does not use a remote server to store your calls, like other apps use as a workaround. It records the telephony service voice data directly on the device! There is no need for an internet connection when you record a call.

Although Audio Recorder automatically notifies the other party that the call is being recorded, you should be aware that recording call conversations without the other party’s consent is illegal in many countries. Check to comply with your country’s laws before buying or using this application. The developer or the seller take no responsibility if you use this application in any way that would result in breaking the law.

Currently, on iPhone4S devices it only works when you switch to Speaker while in a call.

The application currently works only on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices. An update will be posted in a later time to support older devices as well.

The tweak that so many people have been waiting for is finally here! ][ Supports : Phone/Voip Calls, Viber, Skype, FaceTime, Line, Music App, Youtube, Pandora, Radio, almost anything ..
Call Recorder App : Play/Delete/Share your recordings and quickly setup activator gestures.

internal web server allows to easily access all your recordings from your personal computer and directly download, delete or play them from the device.

skype & callBar support : Adds a quick record button directly into the call view.

Google Drive : Every recording will be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive account when finish recording.

Activator Support : Toggle recording by triple clicking the home button ( or set other activator gesture from the inside the application settings ).

Notice : * This tweak only works on iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+ with iOS 6 and up. on iPhone 4S it only works while playing through the external speaker.


Let us know in the comments what you think about Call Recorder (iOS8) !

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