Snap Master : More Control Over The Snapchat App | Compatible with iOS 8 / snapchat 9.4.0

Snap Master : More Control Over The Snapchat App | Compatible with iOS 8 / snapchat 9.4.0


Snap Master : Snapchat is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps for iOS and if you’re a frequent user of the app, you’ll be glad to find out about a new jailbreak tweak known as ‘Snap Master’ which enhances your experience using the Snapchat app.

The tweak brings a bunch of new features to the messaging app and allows you to get rid of the restrictions imposed on you by the application. You can enable or disable various options and restrictions of the application for a seamless user experience.

Once you install Snap Master, you’ll find a new preferences pane added to the stock Settings app where you’ll spend most of your time dealing with the tweak. From there, you can enable or disable it on demand as well as configure the following options:

* Hide snap timer
* Enable checking all recipients
* Disable snap timer
* Turn on or off discrete replay or discrete screenshot
* Enable manual story advance (story wont show as view or advance until screen tap)
* Enable no replay limit
* Tap to close snap
* Show a save button when viewing a snap
* Save all snaps automatically to Camera Roll
* Enable or disable snaps from your Photo Library
* Enable or disable snapping more text

These are all the additional options that the tweak provides in order to remove the restrictions of the application and enjoy new features. Once you’re done configuring, you can simply tap on the “Restart Snapchat” button for the new changes to take place.

Snap Master is a useful tweak that will let you control what you want in the Snapchat app. If you use the messaging app frequently on your iOS device to stay in touch with friends, you might probably be interested in Snap Master. The tweak can download for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Compatible with iOS 8 and The last Version Of snapchat 9.4.0

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