Return : Adds The Most Recently Opened Apps Above The Control Center On Your iPhone – iOS 8.x

Return : Adds The Most Recently Opened Apps Above The Control Center On Your iPhone – iOS 8.x

During a day, you might be opening a number of apps on your iPhone; once you are done with that app, you close it. But what if you have to reopen it soon? Would you like to go back to its original location in your phone? Not at all. Here is a solution for you in the form of a new tweak: Return.

Return is a wonderful tweak that lets you revisit your recently opened apps from Control Centre on your iPhone. It is a Cydia tweak that gives a quick access to your recently visited apps or any other function like Calculator from Control Centre. You will get a kill switch if you do not wish to see the launcher in Control Centre. Return is available on ModMyi repo. You can configure the settings manually via preference panel from Settings app.

Reopen Recently Visited Apps from iPhone’s Control Center using Return Cydia Tweak

You can toggle switch to enable/disable through the settings. You will find the enabled/disabled switch at top of the Return tweak.

Return iOS 8 Cydia Tweak

Show Icon Labels
This feature allows you to hide/show labels on recently opened app icon. Simple toggle the button to enable or disable the same.

Show App Labels in Return Cydia Tweak

Card View
If you select Card View, you will be able to see your recently opened apps like playing cards vertically. This view will also show some of the features of the apps. You can disable it to see the app logo only.

Return Cydia Tweak Card View

Scroll Direction
Scroll Direction allows you to set the scrolling direction to vertical or horizontal. To select, tap on it and it will show you options as horizontal and vertical.

Number of Icons to Display and Total Number of Rows
It will allow you to set the number of icons you want to display; you can select 1 to 5. At the same time, you can set the total number of rows (1 to 5) you wish into it.

Total Number of Rows
You can choose to have total number of rows of recently open apps in control center.

Finer Adjustment
Meanwhile, you can adjust the corner radius through the finer adjustment. You can make it look flat, edgy or round corner edge. And you can set animation duration through the Animation Duration adjustment.

We hope the tweak will be very helpful to you. Install it now and let us know your experience in comment box.

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