Top 05 iOS 8 Tweaks Part 03 For iOS 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.1.2 , 8.1.3 , 8.2, 8.3 │ Taig Jailbreak Compatible │Pangu Jailbreak Compatible │ BEST OF 2015 TWEAKS .

1 – VolumeBanner
2 – Muswitch
3 – SmoothCursor
4 – Wu-Lock
5 – Messages Tag

1 – VolumeBanner : One of the common complains that I hear about iOS 8 is the obtrusive large volume HUD that appears on the screen while pressing the physical volume buttons on the side of iPhone. If you also think that the volume HUD is annoying, you should check out a new jailbreak tweak developed by CP Digital Darkroom known as VolumeBanner.

The tweak makes the volume HUD less obtrusive by displaying it as a banner at the top of your screen. Every time you adjust the volume of your iPhone, a transparent banner will pop up with a volume slider which you can use instead of the physical buttons to increase or decrease the volume.

What’s more interesting about VolumeBanner is that it is customizable and comes with three different banner styles which you can choose.


Once you’ve installed the tweak, a new pane will be added to Settings where you can configure VolumeBanner. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak via the kill switch toggle, choose a banner style, configure the blur effect as well as customize the banner tint color.

Configure options from Settings. Compatible with iOS 8+ .

2 – Muswitch : replaces the people view in the iOS app switcher with music controls including play, pause, previous and next track buttons.

The new Muswitch tweak for jailbroken iOS devices brings lockscreen like music controls to the App Switcher. This means you will now be able to access the basic music controls and album information of the currently playing song when switching apps. The tweak removes the favorites section of the app switcher that was added in iOS 8 while only showing the control when there’s music playing in the background. Rest of time the area above app cards remains empty.


The music controls that are added to the App Switcher allow users to play/pause and switch to previous or next songs in the playlist. Additionally, you can see the album name and artwork as well as name of the song by swiping left on the controls section. Muswitch works with the stock Music app as well as most third-party applications including Spotify, Overcast, Safari and more. Muswitch also supports the landscape mode of the App Switcher. As it is a simple tweak there are no settings to configure. You will see the new music controls on the multitasking screen right after installing it on your device.

The tweak supports both iOS 8 and iOS 7 and is available in Cydia for free. It works with all iPhone and iPod touch models.

3 – SmoothCursor : Do you fancy having Windows PC like animated typing cursor on your iPhone or iPad then download the SmoothCursor tweak from Cydia. The cursor is inspired from the look of Office 2010’s cursor. You can download it from the BigBoss repo for free.

This tweak brings you the Office 2013’s cursor animation. -animated moving cursor-

Idea by Aviorrok . Compatible with iOS 4.0+ , iOS 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 .

4 – Wu-Lock : To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, Sticktron presents: Wu-Lock!

Personalize your unlocking experience with custom lock glyphs, custom slide-to-unlock text and more.

Includes more than a dozen Wu-Tang glyph images to get you started, but feel free to add your own custom images!

Choose from several rendering styles for your glyphs, from flat Wu-Yellow to color-blended blur effects.


– add your own images, or choose from over a dozen Wu-Tang Clan glyphs
– customize the slide-to-unlock text
– make the text appear instantly
– hide the chevron
– customize the TouchID failed text
– change the auto-dim timeout
– images can be any size you want… they can even spill over to the keypad entry page
– adjust the vertical position of glyphs

Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 8 or newer.
TouchID is NOT required.

5 – Messages Tag : an enhancement tweak for iOS’s builtin “Messages” app.

For most iPhone and iPad users the stock Messages app is one of their most used sections of iOS. We all use Messages to connect with family and friends due to which the app can get super crowded making it hard to find the conversation thread you are looking for. The situation gets worst when you have many ongoing conversations that are for both work and personal contacts. To make things less frustrating for iOS users the new Messages Tag tweak has been released that allows users to color tag conversations. The tweak only adds a color tag to the thread, however what that means is entirely up to you to decide.


There are 5 color tags available including red, green, blue, purple and yellow. While these are the default color options you can customize them from preferences page. You can assign a color tag to any thread by long pressing on it and then selecting the desired color from the popup menu. Since you get 5 different colors to assign you can make up any meaning for them according to your own situation.

For example you can priortize threads by marking them with a dark color while the less important ones can be marked with a lighter color. Similarly you can select a different color for work related threads, family threads and threads that belong to your friends making it easier for you to find them. The meaning of each color tag is entirely up to you to decide.

Menu of Messages Tag can be triggered by long pressing the list item in the “Messages” page of “Messages” app. Tag can be removed by tapping the “Clear” menu item.


Messages Tag 是 iOS 系统内建 “信息” 应用的增强插件。通过 Messages Tag 可以给信息添加可自定义的颜色标签。比如可以给信息加上一个红色圆点标签用来表示 “稍后回复”。标签表示什么完全由你来决定。

Messages Tag 提供 5 个标签, 每个标签的颜色都可以在 Messages Tag 的设置页面中自定义成你喜欢的颜色。

在 “信息” 应用中的 “信息” 页面中长按条目可以弹出 Messages Tag 的菜单。标签可以通过 “清除” 菜单项移除。


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