Mr Jump & Mr Jump Cheats : All levels unlocked, Bigger Jumps, WallHack & More

Mr Jump & Mr Jump Cheats : All levels unlocked, Bigger Jumps, WallHack & More

This weekend I jumped a lot, and more than a few of these jumps ended in death: I was playing Mr Jump, a new iPhone and iPad game that rewards pattern identification and memorization like the best of the old-school platformers. The game from France’s 1Button has already racked up 5 million downloads in just four days, and its simple in-app purchase and ad-based revenue model is earning its developers five-figure revenues on a daily basis, without having to resort to “pay-to-win” mechanics.

Many game-makers dream the dream of overnight success, but few get to live the reality. For three-man French team 1Button, the dream came true, as their new title Mr Jump rocketed up the App Store charts, shifting more than a million copies every day.

“We are stunned by such an explosive launch!” says team leader Jeremie Francone. “But we know that the most difficult part starts now: if we want Mr Jump to become a long-term success, we’ll have to frequently release new features and add new content.”

Mr Jump has also succeeded in converting that astronomical download figure in to cash, although not in the way you might expect. “The ad remover does not appear to do well because there aren’t many ads displayed,” says tools coder Alexandre Konieczny. “On the other hand, level unlock keys are much more profitable. In terms of revenues and press coverage, this is the first time we’ve got this far.”

The game keeps play simple – it’s a one-button platform title, meaning all a user has to do is tap the screen and the appropriate point. A tap results in a jump, with the length and height of the jump variable based on how long you tap. The player character, Mr Jump, moves of his own accord from left to right across a scrolling, simply colored blocky environment, and your goal is to avoid the various spikes, pitfalls and other dangers that impede his progress.

The nature of Mr Jump’s tap-tap gameplay has lead inevitably to comparisons with that veritable poster child of simplistic viral hits, Flappy Bird.


An Awesome set of cheats for Mr Jump ! Works for all Versions — Made By : Chrizk0.

Features :

– infinite Jumps .
– All levels unlocked.
– Bigger Jumps.
– WallHack ( Jump right through Walls )
– Always 0 deaths.

Configure Cheats Via Settings.App

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