RippleBoard : Awesome ripple effect to your Home screen app icons

RippleBoard : Awesome ripple effect to your Home screen app icons

RippleBoard : A new Jailbreak tweak that brings tap indicators to the iOS Home screen. Whenever you tap the screen, or launch an app, you get a cool little ripple effect on the Home screen.


The ripples that are emitted from each app icon is based on the app’s dominant color. As you can see in the GIF above, a green ripple is emitted from the Messages app whereas the Mail app has a blue ripple effect instead.

The ripple effects will appear on apps that are running in the background or you can have the ripple animation to take place whenever you tap on an app to launch it.

But RippleBoard isn’t just limited to on screen taps. As you’ll see from the tweak’s preferences, there are other things that you can do with RippleBoard, including customizing the range and duration of the ripple effects.

Once you install RippleBoard, venture into the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings to configure it. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak on demand as well as make the app icons appear round to match the ripple’s shape. You can also choose whether you want the ripple effects to take place for apps that are running in the background, when you tap any location on the screen or when you launch an app.

RippleBoard-june 2015 cydia-iapptweak

head over to the stock Settings app to customize the tweak to your liking. There, you’ll find several switches for enabling different features. Features include:

  • Round Icons
  • Ripple on launching apps
  • Ripple on touching the Home screen
  • Ripple on running apps

You also have the ability to change the range of the ripples and their duration. Any changes that you make must be followed up by a respring using the respring shortcut at the bottom of RippleBoard’s preferences.

This isn’t the type of tweak that will blow your mind, but some may find it interesting, especially since it’s free on the BigBoss repo.

Sound off in the comments section below once you’ve given it a try.

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