DockBar : tweak add Quick app launcher bar to iPhone – iOS 8.1-8.4

DockBar : tweak add Quick app launcher bar to iPhone – iOS 8.1-8.4


As they continue to release tweaks that make it easier for users to launch their frequently used applications. A new app launcher tweak called “DockBar” takes a unique approach and adds a iOS dock like bar on either side of the screen, which stores icons to user’s favorite apps. The bar can be accessed through a user-specified Activator gesture and offers a wide range of customization options.

For those of you who didn’t know, DockBar for iPhone is a sleek, lightweight, customizable application launcher with plenty of customization to make sure that you get a dock that feels right for you.

DockBar includes quite a few features, including (but not limited to) changeable color schemes, changeable orientation, toggleable icon labels, two different types of dock styles, and continuous/paged dock scrolling (giving you, in total, 32 different customization options). DockBar also allows you to pick a custom activation gesture using Activator, and has an application filter so you only see the icons you want to see in your dock. DockBar is also very light on your battery. It doesn’t utilize any extra, resource-intensize animations or transitions; only enough to make it clean and smooth, keeping your battery alive longer.

DockBar for iPhone is the first of many tweaks by Cole Schaefer (@ColeSchaefer_) and the Paragon Dev Team (@ParagonDevs), and there will most definitely be more to come . I hope you enjoy using DockBar for iPhone as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Compatible with iOS 8.1 – 8.4

You can not only select the activation method for DockBar but you can also change its appearance according to your liking. From settings you can select the dark or light background theme, change the orientation to left or right, add or remove applications from appearing on the app launcher and choose between squared or rounded edges.

The fact that users can choose the right or left orientation is a great thing, as it will make it easier for iPhone 6 Plus users to have the dock on the side they usually hold their iPhone from. For example, if you usually hold your iPhone with the right hand then you can have the launcher on the right side.

DockBar ios8-cydia tweak-ios8.4-8.3-iapptweak

You can access DockBar from homescreen as well as any app. Unlike the default iOS dock the tweak does not limit the number of apps you can have in the app launcher. It offers scroll-able user-interface, so you can have quick access to more apps.

DockBar tweak is available in Cydia for $0.99. It works with all iOS 8 versions, uncluding iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.3.

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