iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro : Find stolen/lost iPhone by taking photo of the thief – iOS 8/8.3-8.4

iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro : Find stolen/lost iPhone by taking photo of the thief – iOS 8/8.3-8.4


The anti-theft jailbreak tweak iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro has been release, iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro 2.0.0-19 works with iOS 8/8.3/8.4 or higher.   Developer iLostFinder created this tweak for us to have a chance to get back our precious device.

For those of you who didn’t know, iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro jailbreak tweak lets you find stolen/lost iPhone by taking photo of the thief and sending them to your Email. Play Alert sound and prevent the thief from Powering off the phone, pulling out SIM card or disabling Internet. Adter install this tweak you can option to configure from Setting app.


Of course, we all want to protect our devices as much as possible, even Apple’s stock feature on Settings to find our device is also an advantage for us, now that the age of GPS Technology has come.

Basically, iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro jailbreak tweak works this way – when a thief tries to unlock your device with a wrong Passcode, (with the assumption that you have a passcode. If you don’t have one, say good-bye to your device) the tweak will take a photo of his face and send it directly to your email. How cool is that ?

And you can hand over that photo to the Police to catch the thief. This tweak will also alert the thief with a message telling him to return your phone.

You can configure the options of iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro on Settings app after installation. You can set the number of attempts for the Passcode unlock, add your email address to receive the thief’s photo and set an alert or warning message to return it to you.

LostFinder Anti-Theft Pro features

  • Monitor “Power OFF” Event.
  • Monitor “Failed Passcode” Event.
  • Monitor “Pull OUT SIM” Event.
  • Monitor “Disable Internet Events”(WIFI/Data/Airplane mode).
  • Prevent Power OFF.
  • Take Photo and send by email on Events.
  • Save photo to album.
  • Show customized Alert Message on events.
  • Hide Cydia and Jailbreak Info.
  • Password protected.
  • Play alarm sound loudly on Events.

What’s new in iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro version 2.0.0-19

  • Initial release.

Download iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro deb available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for $9.99 and supports iOS 8/8.3/8.4 . If your device has not yet jailbroken, then follow this guide to TaiG jailbreak iOS 8.4 untethered.

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