StatusbarColor : change color of iOS’s Status Bar in Home and Lockscreen – iOS8.3-8.4/8

StatusbarColor : change color of iOS’s Status Bar in Home and Lockscreen – iOS8.3-8.4/8


Ever since the release of iOS 7, the status bar has become a major component of the UI in iOS apps. The reason being that with the release of iOS 7, Apple allowed developers to also utilize the top 20 pixels on the screen, which were unaccessible before (if you were not using a UINavigationController on your screen), since they were allocated to the status bar.

If you have ever wanted to change the color of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s status bar according to your liking then download the StatusbarColor tweak from Cydia. This hack enables users to change the color of the springboard status bar and its background, so it matches your device’s color, wallpaper and the theme you are currently using. You can not only change the backround color of your device’s status bar but you also get the ability to change the color of the status bar elements that includes signals, time and battery indicator.

StatusbarColor-ios8.4-ios8.3-cydia tweak-iapptweak

The tweak gives you the option to customize the Status Bar color individually on both the Lock Screen and the Home Screen, so you can actually make the Status Bar look good on each depending on the wallpaper image that you might have. The individual customization gives you the ability to prevent conflicting colors if you have a different

StatusbarColor offers a wide range of color options that includes Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Grey and more. Using this tweak is very simple, just head to the Settings app and select the Colors (for elements) and Background colors for the status bar. Thankfully, there’s no respring to apply the color change. It happens real-time.

StatusbarColor is a nice tweak that gives users the ability to customize the look of status bar according to their liking. Since Status Bar is such a prominent aspect of iOS’s UI and is always present on top of the screen it is good to have the ability to change it.

StatusbarColor is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free.

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