TOP 05 BRAND NEW CYDIA TWEAKS FOR iOS 8.4/8.3/8 – Part 07

TOP 05 BRAND NEW CYDIA TWEAKS FOR iOS 8.4/8.3/8 – Part 07


All New Top 05 iOS 8.3 / 8.4 Tweaks Part 05 For iOS 8, 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.1.2 , 8.1.3 , 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 │ TaiG 2.1.2 / 2.1.3 / 2.2.0 / 2.2.1 / 2.3.0 / 2.3.1 / 2.4.1  Jailbreak Compatible │Pangu Jailbreak Compatible │ BEST OF 2015 TWEAKS .


#1 – Stunden
#2 – TweaksRefresher
#3 – Protecti+ (iOS 8)
#4 – SafariSwiper
#5 – WAChatsHeads


#1 – Stunden is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 8.x, which brings an Android-inspired ‘Interruptions’ featrue in iOS Notification Center. If you have used an Android Lollipop powered device then you would be familiar with its Interruptions feature. Which allows Android users to activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ like mode for a specific period of time. The Stunden tweak just turns iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature into Android’s Interruptions feature. The tweak offers a convenient place to quickly toggle Do Not Disturb, as well as change the ringer volume.

Stunden jailbreak tweak ios8.4-8.3-iapptweak

The tweak has a well designed user-interface and can be invoked using a simple Activator gesture. Do Not Disturb can be turned on “Indefinitely,” which means it’ll stay on until you turn it off, or it can be toggled on for a period of time, in that time your device won’t ring or send you notifications. Stunden will then tell you how much more time before it turns off.  You can set the time to up to 24 hours or choose the indefinite option from the menu.

This tweak also adds a preferences pane to the Settings app for you configuring. Where you can configure the Activator action that you want to use to invoke the Stunden interface, configure a countdown style for Do Not Disturb, configure the appearance and animation style of Stunden, and more.

Stunden tweak is available in Cydia ModMyi Repo for $0.99. It works on all versions of iOS 8 including iOS 8.4 & 8.3 . It’s worth noting that the tweak is currently in beta stages as of right now and additional improvements are on their way in upcoming updates !

#2 – TweaksRefresher is a brand new tweak made for Cydia that brings the ever common Pull to Refresh motion to Cydia.

To refresh Cydia and get the recent record of tweaks, you all the time needed to faucet at the Refresh button within the Changes tab. Well, now not anymore. You now not need to faucet at the refresh button within the Changes tab. Simply pull right down to refresh and Cydia will display you the recent tweaks from all of your resources.

After putting in TweaksRefresher, restart the SpringBoard and you’ll be able to get started the use of pull to refresh in Cydia.

TweaksRefresher is to be had free of charge within the BigBoss repo. Give it a check out, you most likely won’t ever uninstall it.

#3 – Protecti+ (iOS 8) Extends your iOS system and application security by enabling you to create protection settings for specific apps of your choosing. With Protecti+ enabled you can disable an app from launching altogether. For example, if you have Facebook installed on your iPhone and you want to prevent someone from being able to access it while you’re away from it, Protecti+ has you covered, any app that you have set for protection will not allow you to launch it, period.

Activator support is one of the main features of Protecti+, with it you can choose which gesture you’d like to set for toggling protection on or off. It adds a status bar icon to the top right corner to let you know it’s enabled, this can also be disabled in the settings.

Photo album protection – With it enabled, you don’t have to worry about someone snooping through your photos or the camera roll, because Protecti+ hides them when enabled, even from other apps trying to access them! You can hide app icons from the springboard pages too.

Advanced protection features such as disabling the Control Center when enabled help secure your device even further. Below is a rundown of some settings you can configure within the Protecti+ preferences.

Are you planning on trying it out ?

#4 – SafariSwiper Wouldn’t it be nice if you could swipe between Safari tabs like Google Chrome on iOS? SafariSwiper is a new tweak that brings such functionality to reality.

Installable from Cydia’s BigBoss repo free of charge, SafariSwiper is a legitimate option for those of you who wish to have a way to navigate between tabs in a faster manner.

To use SafariSwiper, simply open the Safari browser, open more than one tab, and swipe on the menu bar that contains the tab button at the bottom of the Safari interface. You can swipe in either direction, left or right, depending on what order your tabs are in.

SafariSwiper contains no options, and is usable immediately upon installation. It’s an extremely easy tweak to use, and it adds a feature, faster navigation between tabs, that many Safari users will find useful.

You can download SafariSwiper for free on the BigBoss repo. Are you planning on trying it out ?

#5 – WAChatsHeads Cydia tweak allows you to reply to any WhatsApp message fast and conveniently by bringing chat heads. You can view your conversation over any app and be able to reply to message quickly.

This jailbreak tweak offers configure options from the Settings app. It offers you the option to increase or decrease messages’ heads visibility and heads size as per your convenience. Simply drag the button right or left to set the heads visibility or heads size.

There is a kill switch in its preperence pane to let you enable or disable the Cydia tweak based on your need. It’s compatible with iOS 8 including iOS 8.4 & 8.3 and works with WhatsApp version 2.12.3.

If you are willing to make your WhatsApp messaging experience more convenient and  fast , then WAChatsHeads can just be a smart option to try. As for functionality, it should charm you. It doesn’t have any glitch or bug to cause any inconvenience.


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