Epicentre : Adds An Awesome New Style To The iOS Passcode Lock Screen – iOS 7 / 8

Epicentre : Adds An Awesome New Style To The iOS Passcode Lock Screen – iOS 7 / 8


Those of us who care about their privacy use the passcode lock on their devices. The stock passcode screen that can be accessed by sliding on the lockscreen features a keypad with rounded buttons. There’s nothing extraordinary about it, however if you are looking for something that would make your device stand out and give you a different experience in terms of both usage and appearance then try the new EpicCenter tweak from Cydia. This new alternative passcode lock screen features Apple Watch inspired design and smooth animations that make it purchase worthy.

Epicenter replaces the stock passcode interface with a beautifully animated setup that looks like it was inspired by a traditional rotary phone. It features a preference panel with several options for customizing the look and security of the passcode entry interface. Watch our full video preview to see how.

Once you install Epicenter, you’ll need to set a passcode to begin using it. After doing so, you’ll see the new passcode interface on the Lock screen.

Epicenter-ios 8.4-ios 8.3-cydia tweak-iapptweak

When you slide on the lockscreen the EpicCenter passcode keypad appears complete with its expanding animation. You can then tap or drag on the keys to enter the code. You can delete a number by tapping on the lock button located in the middle in case you enter a wrong digit.

Epicenter contains a handful of options to customize the look and feel of the tweak. First and foremost there is an overall kill switch for quickly enabling or disabling Epicenter.

Two sliders exists inside the tweak’s preferences for changing the size of the buttons and for changing the corner radius. You can adjust the corner radius to make the buttons more square or round. the tweak comes with a range of customization options allowing you to resize the diameter of the buttons and the input area, scramble button positions and more. The options focus on customization of the tweak, giving you more control over it.

You’ll also find an option in the settings for scrambling the number positions and for using the same button locations even if the numbers are scrambled. These are good options to consider to prevent people from peering over your shoulder and stealing your passcode.

You can download EpicCenter from Cydia, where it is available for $1. It works on both iOS 7 and iOS 8 powered devices. After taking it for a go, sound off in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

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