Reasons why you should delay install iOS 9 when it is released tomorrow

Reasons why you should delay install iOS 9 when it is released tomorrow


Apple is preparing to release iOS 9 to the general public tomorrow, September 16th. There are some good reasons to install iOS 9, so when the release is made available via iTunes or over-the-air, a large number of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners will rush to install the update. It’s a downloading frenzy that usually clogs Apple’s servers for the day. But maybe it shouldn’t be that way. Maybe folks should delay downloading iOS 9.0 and not be so eager to install the debut version on their iOS device ?

Unlike previous releases which included high-profile changes to the OS, the changes in iOS 9 are more subtle and not as visible to the end user. Yes, there are a few notable new features such as Proactive Search and Siri intelligence, but most of the improvements are under-the-hood. With more tweaks than top-level changes, there are less compelling reasons to entice people to upgrade.


You may also want to take a step back when you start talking with current beta testers, who are still reporting issues with the iOS 9 GM version, which is the version slated to be released to the public this week. Current beta testers complain of lag, even on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iCloud backup issues and poor battery life. There’s also a few nagging bugs that Apple hasn’t cleaned up, including a settings bug that automatically scrolls you down the screen, obscuring search and the airplane mode toggle, when open the Settings app.

Besides bugs, there are other reasons why people may want to delay upgrading, several of which we have touched upon when iOS 8 was released. These reasons include losing your jailbreak, concerns about performance on older devices and more. Apps not working with a new release also are a common complaint. Even before iOS 9 is released, Flexibits already is promising an update sometime this week for an issue that breaks its popular calendar app Fantastical 2 in iOS 9 GM. Some of you have also told us that iOS 9.1 beta is more stable.

 We want to know your thoughts on upgrading to iOS 9 and, if you are a beta tester, your experience with Apple’s latest operating system. Will you update to iOS 9 when it is released tomorrow ? Or will you wait for some of the kinks to be worked out before you upgrade ? Let us know upgrade plans and opinions on iOS 9 in the comments below.

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