Signal Booster : Jailbreak Tweak to enhance iPhone’s Carrier and WiFi Signal Strength – UPDATED

Signal Booster : Jailbreak Tweak to enhance iPhone’s Carrier and WiFi Signal Strength – UPDATED

How many times have you wanted your mobile device to catch stronger carrier or WiFi signals ? How many have you been annoyed by weak signal strength ?

Without even waiting for a reply, we know that insufficient signal power does irritate the average user.  So relax because we have the answer. The new Signal Booster for iPhone enhances the signal strength of iPhones. This signal strength doesn’t only include the WiFi signals, but also the carrier signals. If this is true, then it means faster downloads, better streaming, improved browsing and enhanced quality of voice calls is waiting for you.

Signal Booster

Cydia has a tweak named Signal Booster which is now compatible even with iOS escalates the signal strength so that you can experience the true power and potential of wireless data exchange.

This tweak is simple to download and getting it running is like knife through butter.

How it Works?

Signal Booster works by injecting a considerable and sufficient amount of power to the phone’s radio. In this way the signal reception is improved to a considerable extent and hence the carrier and WiFi signals are rendered more reliable. The amount of power that was initially provided to the radio is altered by redefining the resource allocation. This method seems analogous to the one employed in the Android, but it should be noted that this tweak does not require the user to follow a set of complicated steps to get enhanced signal strength. For the Signal Booster you just need to tap and you’re done.


How to Start Signal Booster?

Follow the steps bellow:

  • Tap the Springboard once

The tweak will take some time (a few seconds) to enhance the signal strength. After getting the job done. The Booster gets turned off automatically.

The Tweak in a Nutshell

As far as the performance results of this tweak are considered, it does enhance and improve the signal quality. Thus, the downloading speeds up, streaming feels less jerky, browsing improves and quality of voice calls enhances. For 99 cents it can downloaded from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. It’s super easy to get it running. In other words, no configuration and no option in settings tab.

Even on the Springboard it’s just an animation. Moreover, the compatibility is with a lot of devices. It is designed for iPhone 3GS, iOS 5 and above, uncluding iOS 8.3 & 8.4 .

So, if you need signal performance. Signal Booster is the right thing for you !

What are your thoughts on the tweak ?



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