The newest iPhone feature, live photos ! what about your phone’s storage ?

The newest iPhone feature, live photos ! what about your phone’s storage ?


One of the coolest little new features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is Live Photos. That being said, those thinking about buying an entry-level iPhone model with just sixteen gigabytes of storage won’t want to capture all their snaps as Live Photos.

And why is that? Because Live Photos take up about two times the space normal images, reports TechCrunch. And given the new iPhones’ improved camera system has been bumped to twelve megapixels, the file size for normal images has already gone up by approximately fifty percent.

The new feature is activated by tapping on a new icon that sits at the top of the screen in the Camera app, representing a set of yellow rings. It works by extending the capture moment just before and after you snapped a photo. Live Photos are enabled by default.

It’s important to note that Live Photos are not videos, they are still JPG images that the iPhone animates when you invoke the new peek 3D Touch gesture in the Photos app.

According to Apple, a Live Photo is basically a twelve‑megapixel photo augmented by brief moments just before and after it was taken, captured with movement and sound.

“Live Photos add a new element of wonder to your still photos with motion and sound,” explains Apple. “Relive moments of joy, surprise, and excitement simply by pressing a Live Photo.”

Live Photos are intended for capturing those subtle moments that are only possible with motion such as a sudden giggle, the hint of a dimple or a look of wonder.

You can also select a Live Photo as your Lock screen wallpaper that will get animated upon pressing on the Lock screen firmly.


It’s interesting that Live Photos can be also viewed on existing iPhones and iPads with iOS 9, Macs running El Capitan and Apple Watches with watchOS 2.

Apple has even opened up Live Photos to third-party developers and said that Facebook will be supporting Live Photos in their iOS app later this year.

Apple’s official documentation for developers states that a Live Photo can also be shared as a regular JPG image. And if sent to devices that don’t support the feature, a Live Photo will be received as a still image.

“If your app has the user interface for picking photos to share, you should let users play back the entire contents so they know exactly what they are sharing,” reads the document.


“When selecting photos to share in your app, users should also be able to turn a Live Photo off, so they can post it as a traditional photo.”

Another thing you’ll need to take into account concerning storage space is 4K footage. As you know, the iPhone 6s’s rear camera can now shoot 4K video at thirty frames per second.

While amazing looking, 4K footage takes up approximately 375 MB of storage for every minute of video shot, meaning you should probably opt for a 64GB version of the iPhone 6s if you plan on shooting 4K video.

Source: TechCrunch


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