PhotosLive tweak brings Live Photos to unsupported iOS 8 devices

PhotosLive tweak brings Live Photos to unsupported iOS 8 devices


Live Photos is the most notable features of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As the name suggests, it brings your photos to life by capturing a short duration (1.5 seconds) video before and after you take a photo and the playback can be viewed with 3D Touch. Apple has kept this feature exclusive to the new iPhones, however that hasn’t stopped the jailbreak community from bringing this feature on older devices. So if you are jailbroken, you can get Live Photos feature on your iPhone 6 or older by installing the PhotosLive tweak from Cydia.

To get started, launch the stock Camera app and you will notice a yellow ‘Live’ label on the camera feed that indicates PhotosLive is enabled. If you can’t see this, make sure to tap on the PhotosLive icon located next to ‘HDR’ to turn it on. Once you capture a photo, the tweak will automatically take additional JPEG frames along with the photo that will enable it to be animated.

Since older devices do not have the 3D Touch functionality of the new iPhones, users can view their live photos by tapping and holding on them. You can even set Live Photos taken from PhotosLive tweak as your lockscreen wallpaper and animate them by long pressing on them.


The tweak also comes with a separate preferences pane accessible via Settings where you can choose the duration of the animation, enable or disable front flash to lighten up your face when taking a selfie in the dark, choose the gesture which starts the Live Photo animation and more.

The Photos remain ‘live’ even when you sync them with your computer. According to tweak’s description you can sync a photo to your computer, delete it and then copy it back to your iPhone, and the live data will still be intact. The data of the live photos is hardcoded on JPEG file and remains with it forever. Any device that does not have Live Photos functionality will preview the photos just like a still image.

In addition to adding Live Photos functionality to older devices the new PhotosLive tweak also brings front-flash feature to older devices, ability to export live photos as GIFs, ability to adjust the length of live photo scenes and more.

It’s impressive to see how quick the jailbreak community is in porting new features to older iOS devices. PhotosLive is a close clone of Live Photos and is the best way of experiencing it on your old iOS device that doesn’t support the feature.

If you’re interested to get your hands on it, PhotosLive can be purchased for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Make sure to let us know what you feel about the tweak in the comments section below.



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