iOS 9 Adoption Jumps to 66% of active iOS devices

iOS 9 Adoption Jumps to 66% of active iOS devices


Since launching in September alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iOS 9 has seen its adoption rate grow to 66 percent of active iOS devices, according to numbers on the Apple Developer Support page. Two weeks ago, iOS 9 adoption sat at 61 percent.

The company had noted in its release that iOS 9 was already running on more than 50 percent iOS devices out there. Since then though, iOS 9 adoption rate has slowed down a bit. More than 1.5 months later, the OS is now running on 66% of iOS devices out there for the period ending November 2, 2015. This is still higher than iOS 8 which managed to achieve an adoption rate of 64 percent only by late December.



Despite being very buggy and unstable, iOS 8 continues to run 25% of iOS devices out there, while previous versions of the OS are running on 9% iOS devices in the wild.

Apple released the first major update to iOS 9 two weeks ago with iOS 9.1, which featured a slew of brand-new emojis. Since that update, iOS 9 adoption has grown by 5 percent. Earlier today Apple seeded the second beta for iOS 9.2, the second major update to its newest mobile operating system.


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