iOS 9 now powering 71 percent of devices in active use

iOS 9 now powering 71 percent of devices in active use


According to fresh new stats from Apple’s App Store dashboard for developers, iOS 9 is now powering 71 percent of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in active use, a one-percentage point gain versus the 70 percent milestone recorded two weeks ago.


iOS 8 continues declining as a result, dropping from 22 percent two weeks ago to 21 percent of iOS hardware as of yesterday, indicating that much of iOS 9’s growth in the 14-day period came from users upgrading to iOS 8 and new iPhone buyers.

Earlier versions of iOS, meaning iOS 7 and older, continue to make up eight percent of active devices in the wild. A month ago, iOS 9 was detected on 67 percent of devices, indicating that adoption of Apple’s latest and greatest operating system may be slowing a bit ahead of the crucial holiday season.

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