Quickly clear your iPhone or iPad’s RAM with a simple trick

Apple has finally upgraded the RAM of iPhone 6s to 2GB, however most iOS devices out there only feature 1GB of RAM. While this amount is still not terrible thanks to iOS’s awesome resource management, there are times when your phone starts to feel slow and sluggish. Sometimes this can be fixed by clear the RAM of the device. iOS does not have a feature that allows users to flush their device’s RAM, however there is a neat little trick that can be helpful in this regard.

As noted by Twitter user @MarcForest, you can flush out your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s RAM in a matter of few seconds, without even restarting the device. The way to do this is, you have to tap and hold until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider appears, once it does instead of swiping all you have to do is tap and hold the home button. Upon doing so your iPhone’s screen will flicker for a second and you will be returned to the homescreen.


At this point your device’s RAM has been cleared, which means it should work faster without any issues. While this is not the ultimate solution to all your iPhone related problems, this can certainly be helpful at certain times, under certain conditions.

Quickly clear your iPhone or iPad’s RAM with a simple trick

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