well-respected iOS game Monument Valley is now available for free

For the first time in its history, well-respected iOS game Monument Valley is available as a free download on the App Store. The game has won many prestigious awards for its beautiful design and gameplay. If you have been holding off buying this game, then now is the time to download it as the game is available for absolutely free on the App Store. Monument Valley has suddenly gone free and no one knows when the promotion might end. It seems like Monument Valley is available for free on its own, as it is not part of the App Store’s official ‘Free app of the week’ promotion.


As such, the popular title, downloaded over a million times already thus far, has generally commanded a more than fair price of $3.99. so it going free is a big development, and a deal that should not be missed by anyone who likes this game or iOS gaming in general. If you are interested in downloading the game then simply head to the App Store using the link below and hit the download button. As we don’t know when the promotion will end, it is in your best interest to download it as soon as you can.

Not only is Monument Valley beautifully designed, it features some seriously challenging puzzles and excellent graphics to boot. It’s even been already optimized for the iPad Pro, which should lend some indication as to how its developer, ustwo, rolls.

What are your thoughts about Monument Valley ? Are you glad to see the game opened up to the masses ?

well-respected iOS game Monument Valley is now available for free

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