Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $10,281,327 million in fiscal 2015

According to a newly released SEC filing, Apple CEO Tim Cook saw an increase to his fiscal earnings when compared to the year prior. Specifically, the documents reveal that Apple’s current CEO earned $10,281,327 million in the fiscal year 2015, which is a significant increase from the $9.2 million he earned in fiscal 2014.

Broken down, Cook received $2 million in base salary, $8 million in non-equity compensation, and $280K in “other” compensation. Note that this doesn’t include the $50+ million in awarded Apple stock that vested for Cook this year.

Some other key elements include Apple’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, seeing compensation of $25.8 million in 2015, down from the $73 million she earned –including hiring bonuses and stock awards– in 2014. Eddy Cue earned more than $25 million in 2015, and a tidy sum in investments, as well.


Under the guidance of Tim Cook, Apple had another record year, generating $233.7 billion in sales, an increase of 28 percent over 2014 and a new high for the company. Earnings per diluted share were at $9.22, up 43 percent from 2014. According to its October forecast, Apple expects to continue its record earnings streak into 2016, with projected revenue between $75.5 and $77.5 billion for the first quarter of 2016.

As usual, Apple did not mention Jony Ive in the SEC filing, keeping his compensation a total mystery.

Source: [SEC]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $10,281,327 million in fiscal 2015

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