iOS 9.3’s Wi-Fi Assist Displays Exact Data Usage Numbers

Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta introduces major new features like Night Shift, but there are also dozens of little tweaks to be discovered in the operating system update. One of the recently discovered changes that fall under this category is a tweak to the Wi-Fi Assist feature. The tweak allows users to see how much data is being utilized via Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist feature.


Once on iOS 9.3, users will be able to go to the Settings App, navigate to the Cellular section and scroll down to the Wi-Fi Assist option. Here by toggling this feature on/off, users can see a data usage number which showcases how much data has been consumed when it is in use.

Wi-Fi Assist was first introduced with iOS 9. It’s a feature that allows an iPhone to seamlessly switch over to a cellular connection whenever a local Wi-Fi connection is weak. Enabled automatically when updating to iOS 9, Wi-Fi Assist proved to be unpopular with users who claimed it was eating up a lot of data.

Concerns about Wi-Fi Assist led Apple to publish a support document on the feature, explaining how it works and assuring users that data usage should only be a “small percentage higher” than previous usage. Wi-Fi Assist only turns on in a limited number of circumstances and won’t activate when data roaming, when apps are downloading background content, or when using third-party apps that stream audio or video.

Despite Apple’s reassurances about Wi-Fi Assist, unhappy customers filed a $5 million class action lawsuit over the feature, with the plaintiffs claiming they were subjected to overage charges on their iPhones after updating to iOS 9. The lawsuit also claims Apple did not do an adequate job explaining the feature when iOS 9 was released.

Wi-Fi Assist is available on any iOS device running iOS 9 or later, with the exception of the iPhone 4s, the iPad 2, the third-generation iPad, and the original iPad mini. Wi-Fi Assist can be turned off using the Settings app for those who don’t want to risk using extra data.

iOS 9.3’s Wi-Fi Assist Displays Exact Data Usage Numbers

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