iPhone 7 Plus will have dual-lens camera with ‘DSLR-Like’ Quality

Reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the iPhone 7 Plus will likely have a dual-lens camera system based on technology Apple acquired from LinX Imaging. The new hardware could lead to some significant improvements in camera quality on Apple’s next flagship smartphone.

The profile was put together based off technology that was first implemented by LinX Imaging, which Apple acquired in 2015. While nothing is confirmed at this point, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Apple acquired a company that has a focus on multi-aperture camera systems, and now rumors about Apple using a dual-camera for its upcoming flagship are starting to crop up more and more.

And there are certainly quite a few benefits, including impressive image quality while being smaller in size, which means that Apple could get rid of the “hump” on the back of their next iPhone, which is currently present on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. It also means that the camera system could take “SLR-like” quality photos, which would be a big selling bullet point for Apple in the future.

Noise Reduction

The images captured by the LinX camera are brighter and clearer, with significantly reduced noise levels, compared to smartphone cameras. Available detail when zoomed into a photo was also much greater, as can be seen in the comparison below.


Improved Indoor Photos

In the photo below, the image was taken in mid-levels of light, at approximately 40 to 50 lux, similar to a decently well-lit room in a house or restaurant. The LinX sensor let in more light than the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4, for a photo that is clearer and sharper with less noise.


Improved Low Light Photos

Low-light photography has become a major talking point as of late, and it’s one area that Apple has done hard work in trying to exceed its competition. With the technology that Apple acquired from LinX, that strategy looks safe, by utilizing multiple channels to increase the overall sensitivity of the camera, which should equate to better detail. Another benefit should be a reduction in exposure time, which should also reduce motion blur.


3D Depth Mapping

Finally, one of the other major additions will be 3D depth mapping. With the multi-camera system, LinX technologies can create detailed maps with depth from captured objects. This would allow for some interesting results, by allowing the user to create full 3D models by combining several different frames, which is put together by a per-pixel basis.


There’s a lot to look forward to, especially if it becomes clear that Apple is indeed working on a dual-camera system for the iPhone 7. Based on this profile, are you looking forward to see what Apple does with its next camera system?

iPhone 7 Plus will have dual-lens camera with ‘DSLR-Like’ Quality

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