MessageHeads for iOS 9, brings the cool Facebook-style Chat Heads to Messages app

MessageHeads for iOS 9, brings the cool Facebook-style Chat Heads to Messages app


The jailbreak scene is currently thriving, and while we’ve the Pangu and TaiG teams to thank for opening the doors in the first place, the dedication of the developers behind the tweaks has been equally as impressive. If you’re a regular user of Messages for iOS, you’ll probably have encountered several of the great tweaks already on offer to supplement the IM experience, and now, a popular accompaniment to Messages app for jailbreakers has just been updated for iOS 9. Full details can be seen below.

Facebook’s Chat Heads feature allows users to enjoy system-wide, quick-access to Messenger conversations on Android, and while iOS’s limited nature means that Chat Heads is an in-app-only feature on iPhone and iPad, the MessageHeads tweak takes advantage of a device’s jailbroken state to push an experience comparative to that enjoyed on a Google-running gadget.

Essentially, MessageHeads does to Messages what Chat Heads does for Facebook Messenger on Android, and like the social network’s own implementation, the tweak allows you to access all your active conversations from the stock Messages app via the chat heads. These can be accessed from anywhere within iOS allowing you to quickly view conversations and respond to text messages while being in another app.


Tapping on one of the chat heads opens up a small interface where you can type in your message, mute the conversation as well as send a picture just like how you can do in the Messages app. You can also drag them to any edge of the screen as well as minimize all of them with just the press of a button.

Apart from this, MessageHeads comes with a bunch of configurations available via the stock Settings app that allow you to adjust the text size, customize the look of the chat heads, change the color of the message bubbles for iMessage and SMS and much more.

If you use the Messages app frequently on your iOS device to stay in contact with your friends, you should definitely check out MessageHeads. You can purchase it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99 and is definitely worth the price tag. If you’re an existing user of the tweak, you can update it to the latest version for free.

What do you think of MessageHeads? Do you intend to try it? Sound off in the comments section below.



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