TOP 20 BRAND NEW Cydia Tweaks For iOS 9 – 9.0.2 – Pangu iOS9 Jailbreak – Part 5

There may not be a jailbreak available for iOS 9.1 / iOS 9.2 yet, but that clearly does not mean that jailbreak developers have gone on a vacation. If you refresh your Cydia sources you will realize that these folks are still hard at work, releasing some awesome new iOS 9 tweaks for us to use. In this post we have featured some of the best new Cydia tweaks released in the jailbreak store in the past few days.

 We have compiled a list of the best free jailbreak tweaks that were released in past few days which are definitely worth checking out.

All New Top 20 iOS 9 / 9.0.2 Tweaks – Part 5 – For iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 , iOS 9.0.2 │ Pangu 1.1.0  Jailbreak Compatible │TaiG Jailbreak Compatible │ BEST OF 2016 TWEAKS .


#1 – TransparentFolders :Removes the background view to make a transparent look for iOS 9 folders.
#2 – CamTouch : Add two more modes for camera shortcut menu. (Panorama and Time-Lapse)
#3 – Forton : Modify your lockscreen with Forton. A free lockscreen manipulation tweak.
#4 – Vizoom : Allows you to zoom window picture-in-picture.
#5 – Cabbage – Source : : Force Touch on a song to add it to the music queue, support non 6S devices using custom gesture recognizer so just pretend your force touching and it should work.
#6 – PhotoScrubber : This tweak enables the scrubber in Photos app, a feature that allow you to quickly scroll through images, specially for unsupported low-end devices. (iPhone 4s, iPad 2/3, iPad mini and iPod touch 5G)
#7 – NemerovPlus : Change the screenshot animation on your jailbroken iPhone to one of the custom ones.
#8 – Cello : Quick access to media contextual actions via 3D Touch and Tableview Cell sliding in the Music app.
#9 – SafariBeBetter : This tweak allows you to change several Safari functionalities.
#10 – Readda : Automatically present reader view to maximize reading and distractions.
#11 – Flash : intelligently uses the ambient light sensor built-in your device to provide a button to invoke the LED flash when it is dark. This button appears in the bottom left of the lock screen, exactly where a Siri suggested or handoff app would be.
#12 – PinchToClose : Enabled pinch to close gesture in folders for iOS 9.0+!
#13 – WalkingDead : not just can change your location, but it can simulate your walking! Match for Ingress, Facebook, Twitter and other location-based apps.
#14 – SweetDisplay : It allows you to customize the animation when opening and closing apps, and includes a wide variety of animations to choose from.
#15 – RespringProgress : This tweak adds a progress bar under the Apple logo during resprings that shows you SpringBoard’s current launch progress.
#16 – EmojiPred : Have emoji in keyboard prediction.
#17 – CircleBookMark : This tweak is Change BookMark Corner Radius on Safari.
#18 – App Admin – : A tweak for the app store that allows you to downgrade your apps to any previous versions still hosted by apple.
#19 – NoPhotoScrubber : This tweak is Hide PhotoScrubber on
#20 – FirstEditBookmark : This tweak is Enable Edit URL when Add BookMark on Safari.

What do you think about the top 20 brand new iOS 9 cydia tweaks. Make sure to let us know your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks in the comments section below.


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TOP 20 BRAND NEW Cydia Tweaks For iOS 9 – 9.0.2 – Pangu iOS9 Jailbreak – Part 5

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