RouteFaker tweak lets you simulate different travel routes with a false location

We haven’t had the iOS 9.2 jailbreak yet, but the jailbreak developers keep on releasing cool new stuff for those who have older versions of iOS. Today is no exception as a bunch of new hacks have been released in the Cydia store, which allow users to customize their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch according to their liking.

As you might guess, RouteFaker is a recently released tweak which will take the fake location in whatever app you chose. One reason why you would do this is because of the black-out restrictions in the spotify or NBA apps as well as other. Suppose you want to listen music at work, but they’re blacked out since the app looks at the GPS and sees that you are in the blackout zone. What would you do?

From there, you can exit out of the app while still keeping it running in the background, and can then go into any app where it will use your fake route. For instance, Maps app or Google Maps will think you are located somewhere that you are actually not in, and even Tweeting with your fake location will work magically.


After installing the tweak it will create a app icon on your home screen. Launching the app will prompt to allow location being used by the app so simply allow it. It will show your actual location in a blue dot on the map. You’ll see that the app will show your current location, Your locaiton will be changed by the route from the start to end duration of the StartTime to EndTime. Basically it would trick the phones GPS to think it is moving from point A to point B, while in fact the phone is stationary. You can also zoom in to be more precise with your fake route that you want to set up.

Once you found a location that you want, tap on the Off button in the lower-left corner to enable LocationFaker and begin to fake your location. The button will turn to On.

You can even add certain locations to your favorites to easily come back to them when you need them, which is probably the coolest feature of the entire tweak.

Granted, you probably won’t use RouteFaker all the time, but it could certainly work around the clock if you wanted it to by just making sure that RouteFaker is enabled and running in the background at all times. Better yet, you can change your location whenever you want by just dragging the screen to move the pin to another part of the map.

RouteFaker It is available in Cydia via BIgBoss Repo for $4.99 and is compatible with iOS 9 or later.

what you think about RouteFaker? What would you like to see included in the future? Let us know in the comments!



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RouteFaker tweak lets you simulate different travel routes with a false location

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