KidSecure tweak lets you secure various features of your iPhone

More than a few jailbreak tweaks might protect our iOS apps using password, but one recent addition to the Cydia Store allows owners of any iOS device to secure an application or phone for special time. It’s called KidSecure, and best of all, the jailbreak tweak is Compatible with iOS 8 and 9.

The newly released Kidsecure tweak allows you to do what Apple didn’t. Using this tweak you can lock your Photos, Videos, Contacts, Facebook or any app you like. Simply set a passcode and add the apps you want to lock to the lock list, and no one will be able to access your protected apps.

Once downloaded and installed, Kidsecure lets you protect applications with code (Launch), Disable Wifi, Bluetooth at certain times and Lock the device at certain times. in simple words, it offers unique privacy service that allow you to keep your device safe from any misuse while in the hand’s of not only children but also any one else.


KidSecure also comes with a couple of advanced options available within the tweak’s preferences pane. There, you’ll find options for:

  • Enabling or disable the tweak
  • Use four-digit Code
  • Locked Applications
  • Change the passcode
  • Disable Wifi, Bluetooth at certain times
  • Lock the device at certain times

KidSecure tweak is available at the BigBoss repo, where it costs $1.49, and it’s optimized for both iOS 8 and 9. What do you think about this tweak? Let us know in the comments section.


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