Forecast for iOS 9 Adds a dynamic weather forecast to iPhone’s Lock screen

Forecast, is one of the well known jailbreak tweaks, that adds a dynamic, weather-based Lock screen that includes detailed information and animations to your jailbroken iOS device. The developer behind the tweak has made the 3.3 version available in Cydia that comes with many changes as well as support for iOS 9.

The tweak adds the weather forecast of your current location to your Lock screen containing the temperature, condition, highs and lows for the day. In addition, you can swipe the screen to the left to get a comprehensive view of the weather forecast for the day and week.

Forecast for iOS 7-8-9-settingsiapptweak-com

Outside of the Lock screen, jailbreakers will find that Forecast adds a dynamic wallpaper to their iOS Home screen, too. Depending on the weather conditions at your present location, animations will play behind your Home screen icons. Of course, this feature comes at the cost of battery life, however, and as such it can be disabled from within Forecast’s preferences.

Forecast for iOS 7-8-9-settings-iapptweak

What’s more interesting about the tweak is that it makes the Lock screen wallpaper animated to reflect the current weather condition. If it’s raining in your area then the animated wallpaper will show drops of rain falling down your screen.

If you’re looking to bring the Weather app to your Lock screen, check out Forecast for iOS 7/8/9. As mentioned, it’s hosted over at the ModMyi repository with a $0.99 pricetag, and is optimized for iOS 9 devices.

What do you think of Forecast for iOS 7/8/9? Does it work smoothly on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.


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