PalFix tweak fixes’s latest update that hangs uopn launch

If you’re one of those jailbreak users that have been affected by the error caused in’s latest update, then we might have a fix for you. Elias Limenos, the well known jailbreak developer, has released a temporary fix for the error. The tweak, which is entitled PalFix, fixes PayPal hang when CydiaSubstrate is installed.

“This tweak fixes the error caused by’s latest update that hangs uopn launch when CydiaSubstrate is installed.” said Elias Limneos.

While it may be a random error, or a targeted attempt to prevent jailbreak tweaks from accessing, the tweak handles this in a rather favorable manner for PayPal and end user’s side: it moves out CydiaSubstrate temporarily, only when a launch is detected, and moves it back a few microseconds later, hence protecting PayPal from being injected by any tweak and yet letting it to launch normally.

Once you have PalFix installed, it begins working immediately. There are no options or settings that need to be configured before you can use the tweak. Simply

“This is a temporary fix, I expect someone from either side of the conflict will do something more about it.” said Limneos.

Note: In the very rare case that a respring happens right when PayPal launches and /before/ this tweak manages to move CydiaSubstrate back to it’s folder location, you may need to re-install CydiaSubstrate to fix this issue.

If you want to give PalFix a try, the tweak is now available for free on Cydia via Elias Limneos repo ( also available on insanelyi repo ).

Elias Limneos repo:

Insanelyi repo:

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