simject Tool Allows Developers To Test Cydia Tweaks in iOS 10 Simulator

If you are a Cydia tweak developer and working on your next big release, you would be pleased to know that a new tool by developer angelXwind called simject has been released. This new command-line and iOS dynamic library based tool will allow Cydia tweak developers to easily test their hacks on the iOS Simulator. This is great for developers who do not have access to a jailbroken iOS device as now they will be able to build and test tweaks more conveniently. It will also allow them to test their tweaks on a particular iOS version that they don’t have.


In the Reddit post angelXwind notes that while the tweaks that work on the simulator will also work on actual iOS devices, there might still be instances when this is not the case. If you are developer it is probably a good idea to also test the hack on a real iPhone or iPad before the big Cydia release. The tool will work with all recent versions of iOS including iOS 7, 8, 9 and even iOS 10.

simject is available with a BSD-license and can be downloaded for free from developer’s GitHub repository. If you are a Cydia developer who would like to use simject then you can download it here.

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