Apple Seeds tvOS 9.2.2 Beta 5 to Developers

Apple has just provided developers with the fifth beta of 9.2.2 to tvOS, the operating system that runs on the fourth-generation Apple TV. The fifth tvOS 9.2.2 beta comes one week after the release of the fourth beta and more than a month after the tvOS 9.2.1 update. tvOS 9.2.2 has been in testing since May 23.



tvOS 9.2.2, like tvOS 9.2.1, is a minor 9.x.x update, focusing mainly on bug fixes and performance improvements that aren’t immediately apparent. Apple’s release notes have suggested the update includes bug fixes and security improvements. No outward-facing changes were spotted in the first four betas, but this post will be updated if we discover any new features or fixes in the fifth beta of tvOS 9.2.2.

Apple is also working on the next-generation version of tvOS, tvOS 10, which includes new Siri features, single sign-on cable authentication, and more. tvOS 10, currently available to developers, will be released to the public in the fall.

tvOS 9.2.2 beta 5 (build number “13Y825”) can be downloaded via Apple’s Dev Center and installed on devices with a proper Apple configuration profile installed. Installing the tvOS beta requires the Apple TV to be connected to a computer with a USB-C to USB-A cable, with the software downloaded and installed via iTunes or Apple Configurator. Once a beta profile has been installed on the device through iTunes, new beta releases will be available over the air.

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