Turkish President Erdogan Uses Facetime in an Interview after Military Coup

Amidst a military coup, Country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is considered to be the most powerful figure in his country was out of the capital during this event. To communicate with his people and give an interview to CNN Turkey the President (or the former President depending on how the events unfold in that country) used Apple’s Facetime video calling service. The President appeared on air through Facetime with the TV host holding the phone in an awkward position, so the viewers could see the leader speak.

While the video call ran quite smoothly for the most part there were some connection errors that interrupted the super important address by the Turkish President at this critical time. In his Facetime address Erdogan reportedly told the public to come out to public squares and airports and take control. This is of course in retaliation to the military coup who have begin taking over public infrastructure and have already made the state television to go off-air.

While there are numerous video calling services available for smartphones, the way FaceTime has been integrated into iOS makes it the default choice of video calling for iPhone users. And compared to Skype, the service seems to offer better video quality as well.

Have you ever used FaceTime in a very innovative way like the Turkish president? If yes, drop in a comment and let us know about it.

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