New Cydia Substrate update With Fix for Cycript

Saurik has released an update for Cydia Substrate for jailbroken devices on Thursday that addresses Cycript functionality problems on iOS 9.3.x.


For those who don’t know what Cycript is, that’s probably because you’ve never used it, nor have you ever needed to. It’s mostly a tool for developers, as it allows for JavaScript-to-JavaScript compiling and includes its own immediate mode console environment for testing.

Essentially, what was going on was Cycript wasn’t working right on iOS 9.3.x because of compatibility issues, but with this Cydia Substrate update, Saurik has resolved that problem.

“Cydia Substrate 0.9.6300 enables Cycript to work in the way one would truly expect on iOS 9.3,” author Jay Freeman (Saurik) explains in the package description in Cydia.

No other changes are listed in the change log and it’s unknown if any hidden bug fixes exist in the update at this point in time.

This update is recommended for all users because Cydia Substrate is an essential package for all jailbreakers. It is the backbone of most jailbreak packages, including your beloved jailbreak tweaks, and it keeps your device safe from buggy jailbreak tweaks that could put your device into some sort of boot loop otherwise.

How to get it

To install the updated Cydia Substrate, you’ll want to follow these steps:

1) Launch Cydia and open the Changes tab.

2) Tap on the blue Refresh button to update all of your Cydia repository sources.

3) When you see the Cydia Substrate update under the Available Upgrades header following successful refresh, tap on the blue Upgrade button at the top right.

4) In the next interface, tap on the blue Confirm button at the top right.

5) After installation completes, tap on the Return to Cydia button.

Now you’re all set!

Wrapping up

As it appears, this is a minor Cydia Substrate update because most people don’t use Cycript, although because it’s a huge dependency for jailbreakers, it’s recommended that everyone download and install it as soon as they have the time to.

Did the installation run smoothly for you? Let us know in the comments!

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