Apple Releases watchOS 3 With Improved Performance, App Dock, Breathe, and More

In addition to iOS 10, Apple on Tuesday also released watchOS 3, the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Apple Watch. watchOS 3 is a significant update to the watchOS operating system, introducing an overhauled interface, new apps, new watch faces, and impressive performance improvements.


watchOS 3 features a new dock that houses your favorite and recently used apps so they’re quicker to access. Up to 10 apps saved to the dock are kept up to date at all times and are able to launch instantly, cutting down on app loading times.

Apple has also redesigned some of the system apps in watchOS 3 to make sure they better take advantage of the smaller screen. The company has also included new watch faces including one of the iconic Minnie Mouse while existing watch faces have seen an improvement in their functionality with the addition of new complications.

The OS also comes with Control Center, similar to what is found on iOS, that provides one with quick access to handy system toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Night Shift, and more.

There is also a new Breathe app in watchOS 3 that reminds one to take long, deep breaths periodically. This will help you cope up with day-to-day stress better and will improve your overall quality of life.

To install the new software, you’ll have to ensure your iPhone is on iOS 10. Once that’s confirmed, simply open the Watch app and navigate to General > Software Update. Your Watch must be within range of your iPhone on Wi-Fi, connected to its charger, and have at least 50% battery life.

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