iOS 10 Now Installed on Over 14% of Devices

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 10, is seeing quicker adoption rates than iOS 9 saw during the same adoption period last year, according to data collected by Mixpanel. As of 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 24 hours after iOS 10 was released, the OS is installed on 14.45 percent of devices.


Comparisons abound. When put up against iOS 9, which was released around the same time last year, that mobile operating system was only on 12.60% of devices after 24 hours of being available. iOS 8, for that matter, was closer to iOS 9 in its early adoption rate, too, which seems to position iOS 10 as a much more worthwhile software update for iOS users out in the wild.

Shortly after iOS 10 was released, users began seeing their installations fail, requiring them to connect to a computer to repair the installation or restore via iTunes. Apple fixed the issue within an hour, but not before it impacted hundreds.

With iOS 10 adoption on the rise, the number of devices running iOS 9 is steadily falling. iOS 9 is now installed on 81.09 percent of devices. 4.46 percent of devices continue to run iOS 8 or earlier.

iOS 10 is a free update that’s available for the iPhone 5 and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, the iPad 4 and later, and the 6th generation iPod touch.

Have you already upgraded to iOS 10?

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