iOS 10 adoption rate climbs to 54% while iOS 9 drops down to 38%

Apple this morning revealed its official iOS 10 adoption rate figure in an update to its developer support website, showing that over half of devices that access the App Store are running the platform – a slightly slower migration than iOS 9 achieved last year.


In comparison, iOS 9 was installed on a little more than fifty percent of active devices less than two weeks after its release in the fall of 2015, making it the operating system with the fastest ever adoption rates.

Apple’s numbers are lower than recent data obtained from Mixpanel’s iOS adoption tracker, which put adoption at 55 percent on the last day of September. Just over two weeks after iOS 10 was released to the public, its adoption rate was recorded at 48.16 percent based on the same data feeds.

iOS 10 had some early installation issues that could have put some off downloading the update, but features like a revamped Messages app with stickers, a Siri API for developers, and new facial and object recognition capabilities in Photos have ensured a steadily increasing install base.

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