Apple’s Free App of the Week: Artie’s Magic Pencil

This week Apple Store has highlighted Artie’s Magic Pencil By Minilab Ltd as ‘Free App of the Week’ on App Store. That means you can download and enjoy this $2.99 worth education app Artie’s Magic Pencil at no charge this week and is very useful to your kid.


If you are looking to download a wonderful looking interactive learning app for your kid, then look no further than Artie’s Magic Pencil. The downside here (was, actually) is that the app will cost you $2.99 if you have decided to take the plunge. But thankfully, courtesy of Apple, you can download the app absolutely free on your iPhone or iPad. That’s just not it though, the app is compatible with iMessage as well, so you can take your learning and fun to the Messages app if you so wish.

From the App Store:

There’s a monster on the loose and it’s destroying everything in its way! Save the day and help Artie to rebuild his world, using a very special magic pencil. In a land where basic shapes are the building blocks, children can be the hero whilst learning how simple triangles, squares and circles come together to create everything they see around them, from a butterfly to a building, and a car to an ice cream shop!

Artie’s Magic Pencil is an interactive learning adventure that teaches children the fundamentals of drawing to inspire them to get creative both on and off the screen! By matching up the dots and tracing the shapes, children will see lines and shapes come to life! With a fun story and delightful handcrafted animations, Artie’s Magic Pencil will help children learn the power of art and of helping others.

Kids can choose to play Artie’s Magic Pencil either by following the storyline through Artie’s world or by tapping the map in the top corner to return to, redraw and customize their favourite objects as many times as they wish.

And here’s a clip of the app in action:

This wonderful little app is available to download for an extremely limited period of time. One entire week to be more precise. Furthermore, the app requires you have iOS 6 or later installed on your device, otherwise it won’t work at all. Last but not the least, you should have at least 250 megabytes of free space on your iPhone or iPad in order to install it.

Simply tap on the link below to initiate the download. And remember, the app is free for just one week only after which it will highly likely return to its paid status. Act now if you do not want to miss this offer.

Download Artie’s Magic Pencil for iOS

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