GBA4iOS creator launching new SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo 64 iOS Emulator Called ‘Delta’

The developer of popular Game Boy emulator GBA4iOS has started teasing the launch of a new emulator for iOS called Delta. On Delta’s teaser site, hazy images of controllers for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64 are shown alongside the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color. Testut tweeted out the information for Delta yesterday, while also saying goodbye to his previous emulator GBA4iOS.

When GBA4iOS was initially launched, it was pulled soon after due to a DMCA takedown request from Nintendo. Instead of abandoning the app though, the developers managed to workaround Nintendo’s DMCA that allowed them to put the emulator back up for download again. Since Apple does not particularly like hosting emulators on the iOS App Store, it is unlikely that we will see Delta be made available for download for iPhone and iPad through the App Store. Instead, just like GBA4iOS, the emulator will have to be downloaded directly from the developer’s website.


Twitter user Dario Sepulveda responded to Testut’s tweet by confirming he had seen an early version of the forthcoming emulator, saying “it’s going to be amazing”. Many other Twitter commenters have said the same. “Riley showed me an early build months ago at WWDC and let me tell you, y’all are gonna be amazed,” another commenter wrote.

Going through the tweets, it would seem that Delta won’t require a jailbreak. Asked if there will be an Apple TV version of Delta, Testut responded by saying that “there are some technical issues right now standing in the way, so we’ll see”.

More information is coming soon, including how to become a beta tester next month. Stay tuned as we bring you more tidbits pertaining to Delta as they become available.

Source: Riley Testut

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