TOP 3 Instagram Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing service out there and is used by millions of users worldwide. Instagram offers a bunch of awesome features, However, there are several limitations of the Instagram app that puts you off. One of the limitations that Instagram possess, is the inability to save photos and videos to your Camera Roll or share them with other apps.

Good news, if your iOS device is jailbroken, literally everything is possible. Here are 3 best Cydia tweaks for the official Instagram app to take your experience to the next level.

#3 – InstaTools 

With InstaTools tweak, you will have the ability to save any photo or video directly to your Camera Roll as well as share them with other apps. The tweak adds two new buttons under a photo or video that allows you to save or share it with your friends.

The button indicated with a downwards arrow allows you to save the media. On the other hand, the button located next to it and indicated with an upwards arrow enables you to share it with apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox and more.

Additionally, InstaTools comes with an interesting feature that other Instagram tweaks lack. It allows you to zoom into a photo by repeatedly tapping on it. The more you tap, the higher the zoom level.


Here are few features of this Cydia tweak:

  • Long press to zoom
  • Save or Share on the go
  • Use multiple accounts
  • Save high-quality photo or videos
  • Notification sound, including like, comment, etc…
  • Show follow status on profile

Price: Free
Repo: BigBoss

# 2 – Instagram ++ 

Instagram ++ is literally the all-in-one package for all of your needs. If you don’t like certain features of the app, you can quickly remove it from there. Features like Save photos, Zoom, show full timestamps, fake followers and following counts, open links within the app, repost a post, turn off read receipt for DM, and many more are included.

First off, after you install the tweak, you may notice the new “minimal” layout that it provides, giving you just the photos and nothing else. Some users may like and others may not, but you can easily switch between the minimal layout and the regular layout.

Furthermore, the tweak allows you to save photos or videos to your iPhone, so if you see a really cool pic that someone posted, you can save it and view it later even if you don’t have an internet connection.


Here are few features of this Cydia tweak:

  • Download media
  • Password protect the Instagram app
  • Spoof followers count
  • Spoof following count
  • Hide comments in full feed view

Price: Free
Repo: UnlimApps (

#1 -Rocket for Instagram 

With Rocket for Instagram tweak you get the option to save photos and videos to your camera roll, You also get to view full high resolution versions of photos and videos shared on the social network. The tweak lets you mute certain users, so you can stop their posts appearing in your timeline without unfollowing them. Perhaps the best feature of the tweak that I am sure many of you will appreciate is the ability for users to completely hide sponsored posts and advertisements.

Rocket for Instagram also offers a fun feature that lets you add a fake verified badge on your profile. This badge will only be visible on your iPhone and not to your friends on their devices. It is still good enough to fool other people that you have a ‘verified’ account. You can also spoof Instagram stats, which are only shown on your device. You can configure the tweak and enable or disable options from Settings.


Among the new features Rocket for Instagram brings to the table are:

  • Save any photo or video shared on Instagram to your Camera Roll
  • Tap and hold on any photo or video on to view a higher resolution of it
  • Double-tap on a user’s profile picture (private or not) to see it in full-screen
  • Mute and un-mute users from showing up in your Instagram feed
  • Hide sponsored posts from appearing in your Instagram feed
  • Show on a user’s profile whether or not they’re following you
  • Read direct messages sent to you without letting the sender know you read it
  • Toggle between grid and list view with the tap of a button
  • See full time stamps of posts by tapping on the time estimates
  • Spoof Instagram statistics (for yourself only, no one else can see your spoofs)

Price: Free
Repo: BigBoss


That is all we got, please let us know which tweaks is the best when it comes to adding additional features to your Instagram app.


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