Apple Releases tvOS 10.2

Apple today released tvOS 10.2, marking the second major update to the tvOS operating system that was released in September of 2016. tvOS 10.2 has been in testing since January 24, with Apple having seeded six betas to developers before releasing the software to the public.

What’s new in tvOS 10.2?

tvOS 10.2 updates scrolling behavior to help you navigate long lists faster than before. Simply swipe along the far right side of your remote to quickly navigate specific indexes.

From Apple’s description of the feature:

Scroll views with a lot of content now have a behavior that allows users to scroll through them much more quickly. Several large swipes of the Siri remote will automatically switch into this mode. Additionally, users can swipe on the far right side of the remote to navigate specific indexes. If you see any unexpected behavior in your applications from this feature, please file a bug report.

tvOS 10.2 also includes support for:

  • Apple’s Device Enrollment Program
  • Expanded Mobile Device Management
  • The VideoToolbox framework
  • Apple File System

The tvOS 10.2 update can be downloaded on the fourth-generation Apple TV using the Settings app. Go to System –> Software Update to install. For those who have automatic software updates turned on, the Apple TV will be upgraded to tvOS 10.2 automatically.

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