Apple’s “Clips” App Downloaded up to 1 Million Times in First 4 Days

According to estimates from app analytics firm App Annie, Apple’s new video editing app Clips, released on April 6, was downloaded anywhere between 500,000-1 million times during its first four days of availability.

Despite being an app from Apple and the media attention it has received, Clips has been unable to climb to the top rankings in the US App Store. The app is currently ranked at the 28th position and is yet to even break into the top 20 list. In fact, the app’s ranking has steadily declined — instead of increasing — since its release. The app’s ranking slipped to 39 on Saturday and is currently at 53.

“The average user is not yet aware of it,” notes Danielle Levitas, Senior Vice President, Research & Professional Services at App Annie. “They’ll start to become more aware of it through that network effect as people share these clips in Facebook, in Instagram, in WeChat,” she says. Clips does not have its own built in social network, so it will rely on these shares.

For comparison, Apple’s Music Memos app, which is meant for a smaller group of users, had reached the 29th position on the iOS App Store on the first day of its launch.

Considering that Clips is a very well done app, the only logical explanation for its low ranking is that not many iPhone users are still aware of it despite Apple promoting the app through a banner on the iOS App Store home page and ranking it number 1 under its “New apps we love list.”

Clips, as the name suggests, lets users combine several video clips, images, and photos with voice-based titles, music, filters, and graphics to create enhanced videos that are up to an hour in length.

How are you liking Clips so far? Do you find it to be better than other similar apps on the App Store?

Clips can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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