Applocker Tweak lets you Password-Protect apps and folders with Touch ID

Jailbreaking. We love it, if only because it allows us access to features that Apple, for one reason or another, has refused to give us. While it’s possible to disable access to all apps on your iPhone/iPad through Restrictions, it is not exactly the correct answer to ‘how to lock or password-protect the apps on my iPhone?’

iOS does not provide a solution at all, actually. And not so surprisingly, Apple doesn’t let apps to prevent other apps from opening without a password: so you won’t find apps on the App Store that will password-protect your apps. The only solution, then, is to jailbreak and look for Cydia tweaks.

AppLocker is our tweak of choice because, well, it’s one of the cheaper solutions (by price) and works perfectly. This tweak is quite feature-rich and has some amazing properties like being able to lock not just apps but more than that. Folders, settings, Wifi, multi-tasks switcher etc.

AppLocker is must have app that every iPhone and iPad user should have to protect personal data from unauthorized access. It has a bunch of features that are awesome.

1 Session Locking: You can lock any iPhone and iPad application and can be accessed only using a single password that has been generated by the use. Each and every application asks you password to open it. Sometimes, it becomes irritating.

AppLocker has session locking feature. When you activate session locking feature, all applications, folders and home screen layout and everything that have been locked using AppLocker will be unlocked when you unlock your phone and everything will be locked again, when your iPhone or iPad get locked.

2 Addon Toggles: You are getting a numerous toggles that make easy navigation. SBSettings toggle and Activator toggle can be useful with SBSettings and Activator Cydia apps.

3 WiFi: You can set your prefered WiFi. When you are connected with that WiFi, AppLocker will be disable and everything will be unlocked. You can easily change WiFi settings from Setting menu.

4 Jiggle: Once you activate Jiggle mode, you can enable and disable Applocker by entering jiggle mode from the home screen and lock or unlock apps using single button.

5 Multiple Locking features: iPhone, iPad users can lock home screen, notification banners and even folders. It means, when you lock any folder, all the apps will be locked automatically on that particular folder.

6 Disable Photos: User can disable access to photos from Camera app. No one can access your photo gallery except you.

As we mentioned before, the tweak comes at a price of $0.99 for new users, and is available as a free download from the ModMyi repo for those who have already purchased it. You should be rocking an iPhone 5s and above to take advantage of the tweak’s Touch ID features, of course.



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