ClassicFolders 2 Tweak Brings iOS 6 Inspired Folder Style to iOS 10

Those of you who have used iOS 6 would remember that the older version of iOS had a totally different design for folders than what we have today. On iOS 9 and iOS 10 the folders open in a separate page displaying icons in a fullscreen mode. This was significantly different in iOS 6 where they used to expand and display all the icons inside them right on the homescreen.

Many users still prefer having the classic iOS 6 folder style and have been asking developers to bring it back. Luckily, there is a new/updated Cydia tweak named ClassicFolders 2 that will bring the iOS 6 folder styles to iOS 10.

ClassicFolders 2 brings the iOS 6 folder style to later versions of iOS such as iOS 9 and iOS 10. The tweak comes equipped with four different folder styles ranging from Modern look to Mavericks, Classic and iOS 4 Beta style. The Classic style changes your folder style to the legacy look of iOS 6 folders.

Once you install ClassicFolders 2, venture into the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings to configure it. From there, you can enable or disable it whenever you want as well choose a folder style from one of the four modes that the tweak provides. The Modern mode keeps the default iOS 10 folder style while the Classic mode changes the folder style to that of iOS 6.

There are different appearance related settings that you can configure to get the perfect look such as you can enable or disable dark tint, icon outline as well as have classic icon shape. Every time you make changes, you are required to respring your device to notice the new effect.

ClassicFolders 2 is quite an interesting tweak that revives the old memories of iOS 6. The best advantage is that you’ll also get additional folder styles along with the classic iOS 6 style.

ClassicFolders is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99 and supports both iOS 10 and iOS 9. Sound off in the comments section below once you’ve given this tweak a try.



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