iOS 11 New Screenshot Features

The last thing anyone would have expected Apple to completely redesign and significantly improve is the way we take, edit and share screenshots. With iOS 11 Apple has changed the whole screenshot experience for iPhone and iPad users, giving them access to instant tools and sharing options that make the experience of taking them a whole lot better. No matter how little we think about the screenshot feature of iOS, it is certainly something that we all use. So it is nice to see Apple caring about its customers and improving parts of iOS no one even asked for.

In this post we have detailed the new iOS 11 screenshot features, outlining all the capabilities that it offers to the users. Read on to learn about how to edit, save and share screenshots on iOS 11.

Editing tools

The first thing you will notice after pressing the power and home buttons together to take a screenshot is that it will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom left side of the display. You can continue to take more screenshots or swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it. However you can also tap on it to access a plethora of editing tools especially designed for screenshot editing. This collection of editing tools will let you perform almost every action on the screenshot you will possibly want to.

At the bottom you will see tools like pen, marker, pencil, eraser, lasso tool and a color picker. Just tap on the type of tool you want to draw or write with, choose the color and start scribbling on the screenshot. If you make a mistake you can use the eraser as well as undo and redo buttons that are located on the top right side of the display.

Add text, signature, magnifier

You can also add stuff like custom text, your signature and a magnifier right on the screenshot. Just tap on the ‘+’ button and choose the option you want to use. Depending on the option you just selected you can then interact with it on the screenshot, and see how it looks. You also get the ability to move the items on the screenshot to get the perfect placement. For text you can change the font, text size, alignment and color, which is pretty handy.

Add shapes and arrow

When you tap on the ‘+’ button you will also get access to shapes and arrow option. Just tap on the shape you want insert inside the screenshot and it will be added. Then you can choose the color for the shape and choose if you want its border to be thin, thick or even thicker. You also get the ability to fill the shape with the color of your choice.

Instant Share

iOS 11 lets you instantly share the screenshots with friends or colleagues even without saving them. Just tap on the share button from the bottom left side of the screen. You will be presented with a sharesheet that lets you AirDrop the screenshot, share it via your favorite stock or third-party app or perform different actions on it.

Edit multiple screenshots at once

You can continue taking screenshots and edit them all together. The thumbnail of first screenshot won’t appear in the second or later screenshots. Once you are done you can tap on the thumbnail. Each screenshot will appear separately on the editing screen. Just swipe to access different screenshots and apply edits to them individually. Once you are done editing you can save or share them together.

Done to save or delete

One of my favorite things about the new screenshot feature of iOS 11 is that it asks users if they want to save the screenshot to photos or delete it right away. Just tap on the option you like and save time.

So there you go folks, this is how iOS 11 handles screenshots. The editing features it offers right after when you take a screenshot really save times and makes the screenshot feature much more useful. Let us know what you think about these features in the comments section below.

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