TOP 20 Brand New Tweaks For iOS 10/iOS 10.2 Yalu Jailbreak – Part 4

There have been no recent jailbreaks released after the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10-10.2 and no further jailbreak updates have been released for the recent iOS updates. KeenLab’s demo of the new jailbreak is the first one for iOS 11. This means that iOS 11 jailbreak is not impossible to achieve and probably work is in progress.

As for now, we’re glad to hear news on a jailbreak after a long time, even though it’s just a demo, If you have already jailbroken your iOS 10.2 device using the latest Yalu jailbreak, you have to be extra careful with the tweaks that you install from Cydia. Installing an incompatible jailbreak tweak can create issues on your device.

To ensure that you install only the best tweaks, here’s a list of the TOP 20 Brand new iOS 10/10.2 tweaks. If you’re looking to try something new, or you’re completely new to jailbreaking, then you need to watch this video:

Full tweak list

All tweaks are on default Cydia repos unless otherwise specified.

#1 – CCVertically
#2 – NoBlurFrontCamera
#3 – BatteryBanners
#4 – WAStatusVolume
#5 – Bouncy10
#6 – QuickFlash
#7 – FolderAutoClose 10
#8 – HUDPlayer
#9 – NoMoreFBStories
#10 – CCQuick Pro X for iOS10
#11 – WeatherBanners
#12 – NCWallCustomizer
#13 – ViewDockOnTodayView
#14 – Hypeman
#15 – Tinc
#16 – LaunchInSafeMode
#17 – Cheader
#18 – IconCert
#19 – NPTweet (FlipSwitch)
#20 – SkinnySettings

What was your favorite jailbreak tweak ? How many tweaks in this video have you tried ? Share in the comments section below!

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