How to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 with Phœnix

A new jailbreak tool called Phœnix has been released, which makes it possible for users of legacy iOS 9.3.5 operating system to jailbreak their devices. Phoenix, which has been created by tihmstar and Siguza is capable of semi-jailbreaking a 32-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While this release won’t mean much to those who own latest iOS device models, it is a big news for users who have older models that are still running iOS 9.3.5, the operating system version that was released back in August 2016. Since iOS 9.3.5 is most likely the final iOS version that will ever be released for many 32-bit devices, having a jailbreak for it will make older devices more useful.

Installing the Phoenix jailbreak onto your device is quite simple. You have to use Cydia Impactor to sideload the app on your device, then run the jailbreak app to begin the jailbreak process. Just like the Yalu app, the Phoenix jailbreak is semi-untethered, which means that every time your device restarts, you have to re-jailbreak by running the Phoenix app on your device.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 on 32-bit devices using the Phoenix jailbreak.

Before we begin, make sure that you read the following important points:

  • This jailbreak supports 32-bit devices only, which include:
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPod touch 5
    • iPad 2
    • iPad 3
    • iPad 4
    • iPad mini 1
  • 64-bit devices are not supported by the Phoenix jailbreak.
  • The jailbreak is semi-untethered, which means that when your device restarts, the jailbreak gets disabled. So you have to re-jailbreak using the Phoenix app on your device.
  • It takes a couple of tries until the jailbreak process completes. So if it fails for the first few times, keep on retrying until it works.

How to jailbreak with Phœnix

1) Download Cydia Impactor to your computer.

2) Download Phœnix to your computer.

3) Launch Impactor and connect your device to your computer. Make sure your device is shown connected.

4) Drag the Phoenix.ipa onto Cydia Impactor.

5) Enter your Apple ID at the prompt.

6) You’ll be prompted for your Apple ID and password. This information is only sent to Apple to sign the IPA file. Proceed with entering your Apple ID and password so that Cydia Impactor can begin installing the jailbreak app.

7) Once the app is installed on your device, you should see its icon on the Home screen labelled “Phoenix”. Before opening it, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (for some, this may be called “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management”).

8) Select the profile named after the Apple ID you entered into Impactor. Press the Trust button to trust the jailbreak app on your device.

9) Once you have trusted Phœnix, launch it from the Home Screen.

10) Press the Prepare for Jailbreak button, then Begin Installation, then Use Provided Offsets, and wait.

11) Your device should respring, and the Cydia app should have appeared on your Home screen. If it doesn’t launch, re-open the jailbreak app and press Kickstart Jailbreak to enable it. This may take several tries to work. You will know it has worked when the app reports Your device is jailbroken, and not Your device is prepared for jailbreak, but the jailbreak is not enabled.

Now that you have jailbroken your iOS 9.3.5 device, go ahead and open Cydia to install your favorite jailbreak tweaks. Cydia will take some time to perform the initial setup when you launch it for the first time. After it’s done, you can start using it, but keep in mind that you should only install the compatible tweaks to avoid running into issues.

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