Apple Unveils Apple Watch Series 3

Apple today at the Steve Jobs Theater introduced the new Apple Watch Series 3. The wearable improves a few tweaks and improvements when compared to the second-generation model, but the primary focus is the biggest addition: LTE. Apple has decided to make the smartwatch a bit smarter without having to solely rely on the iPhone it is traditionally connected to for a laundry list of functions.

The Apple Watch Series 3 keeps things familiar in the overall design department, but with a few tweaks, including built-in cellular. Apps like WeChat will work with the wearable, too. Apple Music will work with the Apple Watch Series 3, granting access to 40 million songs, including Playlists and Beats 1 Radio. Users can ask Siri to find the “perfect track.” It will not need to be connected to the iPhone to work, either.

Apple Watch Series 3 features a new dual-core processor, delivering up to 70% more performance. Siri is quicker than ever, and “thanks to the new processor,” for the first time Siri will be talking on the Apple Watch, too. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features new technology, 85% faster Wi-Fi while being more power efficient, thanks to the W2 chip. Barometric pressure is now supported, too. There are new skiing and snowboarding workout coverages, too.

The display itself works as the antenna, and the integrated SIM card (eSIM) is a fraction of the size of a traditional SIM card. The case for the Apple Watch Series 3 is the same size as the Series 2.

There will be a variety of cases and bands. There’s a new gold aluminum finish, along with silver and space gray. there is a new band, the Sport Loop, designed for an active lifestyle. There is a new Nike+ Run Club app, along with new Nike+ bands for the Nike+ Watch Sport. There will be new Hermés bands. There is a ceramic gray finish for the Apple Watch Series 3, too. There are many harmful materials removed from the design of the wearable, too.

The LTE variant stats at $399. The non-LTE is priced at $329. The Series 1 stays in the lineup at $249.

It will be available with 14 wireless carries in nine different countries across the globe. The non-LTE variant will be in 20+ countries. September 15 is pre-order, and the Apple Watch Series 3 launches on September 22.

Apple confirmed that the Apple Watch has seen a 50% growth year-over-year, without actually confirming any real numbers just yet. It also confirmed that the Apple Watch is the number one smartwatch in the world, growing from the number two spot last year. The customer satisfaction rate for the Apple Watch is currently sitting at 97%.

The heart rate monitor in the Apple Watch is the most used monitor in the world. The app is getting enhanced for more information, with the heart rate app having a watch face integration, too. You’ll see resting heart rate, too, along with recovery heart rate as well. This will make it easier for keeping tabs on the heart. The Apple Watch will also now notify the wearer if it notices an elevated heart rate, but not being active, which could detect aberrations.

Atrial fibrillation is also being covered by the Apple Watch. Within studies, the Apple Watch can surface irregular rhythms and Apple is announcing the Apple Watch Heart Study. It will use data from the wearable, and it will notify users if it detects anything out of line, including A Fib. The first phase will be available in the U.S. within the App Store directly.

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