iOS 11 Installed on Almost 55% of Devices

It has been one month since iOS 11 launched to the public, which makes it a bit of a milestone for the company. And now, one month on, iOS 11 has passed its own milestone on the way to the next. According to Mixpanel’s data, iOS 11 has officially surpassed the 50% mark, and is about to reach the 55% adoption mark. At the time of publication, iOS 11 is at 54.72 percent adoption.

It was a pretty slow start for iOS 11, but things have turned around. At the 24-hour mark, iOS 11 was only installed on 10% of devices. A week later, iOS 11 saw itself on 25% of devices out in the wild, based on the same data from Mixpanel. And, last week, the software was installed on 47% of devices.

iOS 11 adoption is likely to increase significantly when iOS 11.1 is released, if past iOS launches are any indication. Major .1 releases often spur people to update, and iOS 11.1 introduces new emojis and may include Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s peer-to-peer Apple Pay feature. In past years, new emoji have had a noticeable impact on upgrade rates.

Interestingly enough, it looks like things really started to turn around for iOS 11 around October 10. Based on Mixpanel’s data, that’s when the shift started, with iOS 11 seeing more adoption and iOS 10 finally starting its inexorable downward slope. As it stands right now, iOS 10 is installed on 39.03% of devices. Older versions are now installed on 6.25% of devices.

So, iOS 11 is moving on up.

Do you know anyone who hasn’t installed iOS 11 yet? Are you waiting to upgrade for some reason?

Source: Mixpanel

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