iOS 11 Now Powers nearly half of devices

24 hours after the launch of iOS 11, the mobile operating system found itself at only 10 percent adoption. Which, as we noted at the time, was quite a bit different from the adoption of previous versions of the platform.

Following the original public release Apple has also released several other software updates such as iOS 11.0.3, that mainly focus on bug fixes. Now it is being reported that the newly released software update now powers 48 percent of all active iOS devices out there.

This is 3 percent more than iOS 10, which currently powers 45 percent of iOS devices. These remarkable figures were released by analytics firm Mixpanel. The study also includes older iOS versions including iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 etc that now power just 6 percent devices.

iOS 11’s adoption might seem impressive especially when compared with likes of Android, however it is still slower than what iOS 10 had achieved around the same time last year, as it was powering 55 percent of devices. This however may be due to less than spectacular sales of iPhone 8 and delay in the release of iPhone X. Since last year by this time millions of users already had flagship iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in their hands. With iPhone X’s release iOS 11 adoption figures will see a major boost with device expected to sell in millions.

While these figures definitely give us a good idea of iOS 11 adoption among iOS users, the report may not be accurate as it comes from a third-party source. We hope Apple will come out with official figures soon.

Source: Mixpanel

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