iOS 11 is Now Installed on 65% of Devices

Today, Apple shared the most recent iOS 11 adoption rate figures through its App Store dashboard page for developers. Over a month ago iOS 11 adoption was at 59 percent, but now Apple says it has jumped up six percent in just a matter of weeks. That marks iOS 11 at 65% adoption as of right now.

As for older versions of iOS, Apple says that iOS 10 is still installed on 28% of compatible devices, and just 7% of devices are on iOS 9 and older. It is true that iOS 11 has seen slower adoption than the mobile operating system’s predecessors, but with the new numbers it’s still impressive considering iOS 11 launched in September of last year. And there are a lot of iOS devices out there that can support iOS 11, too.

Apple has released several updates for iOS 11 at this point, with the current version of the OS sitting at iOS 11.2.2. Apple is currently beta testing iOS 11.2.5, though, with the seventh developer and public betas being seeded out earlier today. It is expected that Apple will release iOS 11.2.5 to the public early next week. When that does arrive, it will include a patch to the “chaiOS” iMessage bug, which can make an iPhone, iPad, or Mac freeze up with a specific link is sent to a contact through an iMessage.

Have you already upgraded to iOS 11?

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